Who we are

One of the most important artists of the Bolivian culture. Awarded eight times in the national theater in Bolivia, and his recent production in Argentina also has won several major awards (including Best Play, Script and Direction 2011 for "The Precise Moment To Not Be Loved" of authorship, and the Grand Prize among the productions of Cordoba, Grand Theatre World Awards 2011.

Who we are II

With "Macbett" Ionesco (Quebec National Theatre: Théâtre du Trident, 2009), became the first Bolivian director who developed and exercised his career in Bolivia to be hired for mounting in official theaters in different countries, and its presence in La Mousson d'Ete 2010, in France, with the text "Fragmentos Líquidos", enters the Bolivian participation in international festivals of new trends in world theater. Among his most recent activity is the publication in French of "Fragmentos Líquidos" in the book "Nouvelles d'Amerique Latine Ecritures" , La Maison Antoine Vitez (2012 ), his participation as an artistic adviser and coach of action for "Kandire", a film by renowned director Juan Carlos Valdivia (Bolivia).

Featured works
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