IBM Security Guardium : What Processes Have an Open Handle to the DLL on Windows Server?

Try reinstalling or updating the known program and see if the error is still there. Remember not to ignore any step that might help deal with the problem. After reinstalling, you can try if it works properly. Glarysoft Registry Repair is an intelligent program that fixes DLL errors and improves your system performance. It finds and fixes the hidden, corrupted or missing DLL files. The software also lets you restore the last fixes and view the resulting logs as well.

There are a few other limitations listed on the Microsoft Support page. The biggest caution here is that when rundll32 fails, it may not notify the user so the user may think the function is simply not working when in reality, rundll32 was supplied improper arguments. Dynamic linked libraries are binary files and are not supposed to be read with notepad++.


The program can’t start because VCRUNTIME140_1.dll is missing from your computer. Reinstalling the program that causes this DLL files error message. The missing DLL file’s name is usually in the error message. Run the application, and when the error message comes out, read it carefully and find the file. Many programs use the shared DLL file to fully operate.

  • On rare occasions, the program is not recognizing the install.dll, even though it is installed correctly.
  • Dll files are small program files that are installed during Windows installation.
  • Upgrade to the latest version of the Creative Cloud desktop app.

You must include all of the DLL’s link references in order to receive the link request. As a result, Ubuntu’s dll files will be made up of only generic Windows libraries. A dynamic shared object, or dll, is here an object that can be considered as an extension of another. As a result, you may be able to determine whether the program is currently stored on an Ubuntu system with Windows or on a Windows drive mounted to Ubuntu.

How to fix missing Microsoft Windows .dll files

Select the Python entry and choose “Uninstall/Change” to open the installer in maintenance mode. Omitting this may lead to an unusable installation. Create file associations if the launcher is also installed.

Use the system update readiness tool

Reboot your computer and your operating system should install that DLL file for you. If not, then we have provided you with the manual process above in this article. Decompilers and Windows Visual Studio can be used to edit DLL files. Editing DLL files is never recommended because a small change can corrupt your whole operating system or the apps that were using it.